Lamello Laminate Trimmer

The swiss power tool company introduces two new laminate trimmer models

Lamello the Swiss specialist of wood joining systems introduced a new laminate trimmer.

The Lamello laminate trimmer was designed for chip-free and precise flush or chamfer cutting of plastic laminates, wood veneers, non-ferrous metals and most composite materials. The Lamello laminate trimmer's are equipped with a dust extraction hose to be attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Two Different Laminate Trimmer Models Available

Lamello Laminate Trimmer Lamina E Lamello Laminate Trimmer Lamina P
lamello-laminate-trimmer-lamina-e lamello-laminate-trimmer-lamina-p
Electric Laminate Trimmer
300 W
120/230 V
28,000 RPM
Z 4, Ø = 30 mm, cut 0° or 35°
1.9 kg.
Pneumatic Laminate Trimmer
6,5 bar - 500-600 ltr/min Airsupply
21,000 RPM
Z 4, Ø = 30 mm, cut 0° or 35°
1.4 kg.


The Lamello Lamina E laminate trimmer with a 300 Watt Motor and the Lamello Lamina P laminate trimmer with a pneumatic motor are available. Both power tools have exchangeable base plates made in plastic in order not to damage the work-piece surface. The base plates can easily be exchanged.

lamello-laminate-trimmer-laminate-trimmingThe Lamello Lamina E laminate trimmer allow easy and fast set-up of cutting depth and chamfer width by a simple twist of the motor.

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