An Examination Of Laser Cutting Tools And Techniques

Laser cutting has gone from science fiction to reality in the past forty years. What was once a concept saved for the pages of cheesy paperback novels has now become a tool that can be found in many shops. Laser cutting utilizes the tremendous power of light to perform precise cuts with minimal waste or burring.

Laser cutting is the perfect tool for CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines. A CNC machine with a laser cutting tool can cut brilliant designs into wood, metal, or plastics. These designs can be entered into a CAD program on a computer, or can even be imported from picture files and other patterns. This flexibility makes it possible for you to produce almost any pattern or design in the material of your choice.

Laser Cutting Engraving
The depth of cut produced by laser cutting depends greatly on the power of the light being focused through the laser lens. With a low powered laser beam, laser cutting engraving can be performed on wood, metal, plastics, or composite materials. This can allow you to carve patterns into these materials, patterns that would previously have only been possible for skilled craftsmen.

Laser metal cutting is also available for heavy duty applications such as in manufacturing plants and machine shops. Laser metal cutting offers several advantages, including the fact that the process leaves fewer burrs than stamping or drilling – this means that very little refinishing is necessary following the cut. The only major disadvantage is that most laser cutting tools tend to leave a larger entry diameter than exit diameter; this can be overcome with polishing in highly precise applications.

Using A Carving Laser In Wood
Using a laser to carve wood is one of the most exciting applications of laser cutting. Carving laser wood is a way to minimize mistakes in your wood carvings, because a laser is not subject to the same pressure sensitivities as a chisel or knife. A carving laser will also leave a clean finish, without the shavings and "hitches" often left by manual carving.

Laser cutting has gone from being a mere theory to being a usable tool in just half a century. Although costs of laser tools are still high, new innovations are almost sure to reduce the costs of laser cutting.

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