What Is Linoleum Flooring?

How was linoleum flooring developed and how to install linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring was first invented in England in 1863. The inventor, Frederick Walton called his new product linoleum from the Latin word linum, meaning flax and oleum, meaning oil. It was Michael Nairn of Scotland who perfected the linoleum flooring. He introduced the qualities of inlaid patterning that we see in the linoleum flooring of today.

Linoleum floor is manufactured by oxidizing linseed oil to form a thick mixture called linoleum cement. This cement is then cooled and mixed with pine resin and wood flour to form sheets on jute backing. Many people mistake vinyl flooring for linoleum flooring. There are many more benefits to using linoleum flooring because it is made from all natural ingredients.

Linoleum Floor TilesHow to install Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum floor comes in large sheets, rolls or tiles. It may be cumbersome to install in a small area because it is very heavy and thick. When installing linoleum flooring, the installer tries to get it down in one piece if possible, rather than have too many joins. How to install linoleum flooring is a skill because the installer has to make precise cuts to fit the linoleum flooring around corners, doorways and cupboards. The linoleum flooring tools include a trowel for gluing the flooring to the sub floor, a very sharp utility knife , knee pads and a face mask because of the fumes from the glue. When installing linoleum flooring, the joins have to carefully matched and the seams closed so they cannot be seen.

Special linoleum flooring tools are not ones that will cost a lot of money. Everything except the glue is usually found in most workshops. After installing linoleum, the floor covering will last a long time because linoleum is so durable. It creates a healthy home environment that does not emit any gases. It does not burn easily, does not show scuff marks, is waterproof and does not generate static electricity.

Commercial and Residential Usage

Linoleum flooring is used in many commercial buildings and apartment buildings, as well as residential homes. It is available in a wide variety of colors It does not, however absorb sound as well as carpet does. If you want a floor that will last a long time, then your best choice is linoleum flooring.

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