Integrating A Lumber Rack Into Your Shop Using Lumber Rack Plans

A lumber rack is a great way to keep your project materials from filling up all the working space in your woodshop. Most woodworkers love to have a large variety of materials on hand, both for planned projects and spontaneous ideas. A lumber rack can allow you to maintain a large inventory of lumber, and can also allow you to stock up on materials should you encounter great prices and sales.

What Kind Of Lumber Storage Rack Is Right For You?

Choosing a type of lumber storage rack can be a tricky proposition. The chief criteria for selecting a lumber rack should be the kind of projects you create, but you will also have to consider how much space you have available.

lumber-storage-aIf you produce cabinets, furniture, or other projects that require large sheets of material, a vertical storage rack that stands these sheets up is the preferable option. These vertical racks can be customized to include any number of bins, especially if you work with different materials regularly.

Shelf type lumber racks are a great option if you work with planks or other long, skinny materials. Depending on the height of the available wall you can have five or six shelves, although most woodworkers prefer to leave room under the bottom shelf for odd sized pieces.

Lumber Rack Plans

Various plans for lumber racks are available from many different sources. The Internet is a great place to look for free lumber rack plans. Many woodworking magazines also provide lumber rack plans on a regular basis. Because no two woodshops are the same, however, it is a good idea to customize these plans to suit your space.

Many woodworkers choose to create their own lumber rack plans. This is probably the best way to integrate your storage requirements with the available space. When planning for your lumber rack it is important to emphasise the strength of the rack's attachment to the wall – you need to be very sure that your lumber does not come crashing down!

The best way to create your own lumber rack plans is to look at some of the plans available from other sources. These plans will give you valuable ideas and advice that will have you quickly on the way to designing and building your own lumber rack.

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