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From A CNC Router To The CNC Milling Machine. A Detailed Overview

CNC router and CNC machines have changed the way that many woodworkers approach their projects. Tasks that were once considered to be too labor intensive to be profitable can now be done quickly and efficiently, allowing for mass production of intricately carved and machined pieces. Woodworkers can now choose from a wide variety of CNC machines to use in their shops. CNC machines are programmed by special software to produce precise and accurate patterns, even over a run of a number of identical pieces. Additionally, because CNC machines and tools allow users to program any pattern or image directly from their computer they have increased the creative possibilities for all woodworkers.

The Benefits Of A CNC Router Table

One of the most common types of machines is a CNC router table. These router tables often simply called CNC router, offer the ability to carve intricate designs either two dimensionally or three dimensionally. They can be distinguished in 3 axis or 5 axis machines depending on the mobility of the router head.

CNC router machines operate by having a computer send motion instructions to a router which is automated to operate in several axes. By giving the machine precise step by step instructions, users can quickly reproduce almost any image or pattern. This flexibility gives users the opportunity to create their own crafts, furniture, and hangings with images they create or with free images. cnc-router-1One great thing about a router is the ability to work in different materials. By simply changing your CNC router bit, you can work with wood, aluminum, or plastic. This the right router bit determines the use of the CNC machine.

Woodworking Or Metalworking CNC Lathes

Originally a “CNC lathe” was designed for metalworking applications. With the need for highest precision and repetitiveness the so called CNC milling machines are ideal for this field. These impressive machines perform a wide range of operations. From turning to drilling and sometimes even cutting.

With the impressive success of milling machines in the metalworking sector, major woodworking lathe manufacturer started to build CNC lathe. Combining all its advantages of flexibility and adaptability, a woodworking CNC lathe is ideal for high volume or repetitive woodturning.

Special Machines Like CNC Plasma Cutting Units

In addition to these very common CNC tools, many special needs could be fulfilled with CNC machines. One good example are CNC plasma cutting machines which use electricity to superheat a gas to the point where it becomes plasma, which is then used to cut metal. With a CNC plasma cutting tool you can produce precisely proportioned metal pieces with a minimum of burrs and imperfections. While commercial plasma cutters can cost more than $100,000, kits for building your own CNC plasma cutting tool can cost substantially less. Just an example for the growing success of CNC controlled machines in many many fields, not just woodworking.

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