Overview Of Air Compressors

Air compressors are mechanical devices that are used to increase the pressure of atmospheric air. They are used in many industries, particularly in the area of automotive and carpentry. In places where are all the work is done on sire, larger air compressors are installed as permanent fixtures.

You can use small air compressors jobs around the home and that can be carried from one job site to another. Air compressors can be base-mounted, riser mounted or tankless, depending on where they are to be used and the job required.

Main Uses

Air compressors are used for many different things. If you want to inflate a tire, a balloon or a swimming pool, an air compressor makes the job easier. In the automotive and construction industries, an air chisel is an excellent air compressor for cutting metal, either from vehicles or for cutting sheets of metal for installation. compressor-head-1Many small tools now use the system of compressed air to make the job easier. Carpenters and those who do small wood working projects use air hammer and nailers to help them get the job done easily and effectively. Air compressors are also used in painting vehicles to achieve a smooth even surface.

Different Types of Air Compressors

In todays high tech world compressors come in many different sizes, equipped with a variety of features depending on its needs. The different types of compressors have their own benefits and drawbacks, and a more detailed look at a few of these types of compressors can help to make your choice:


Oilless often called centrifugal air compressors typically have fewer moving parts than other types of compressors, and, as their name implies, they do not require oil to lubricate their pistons and valves. This has two advantages. One is that you will save money on maintenance, and the other is that your high pressure air will not be contaminated with microscopic oil particles which can cause flaws in sprayed on paint, laminate glue, and other finishes.


Professional gas compressors run on gas or diesel, and so do not force you to rely on electrical outlets to run your pneumatic tools. Natural gas compressors are good for wood workers who frequently assemble or finish projects away from their wood shop.


Most air compressors are designed to work in your shop, and can range from small hobby units to industrial compressors which pump out up to 500 horsepower. An electric compressor is a good option for those who work in the shop.

Speciality Medical Air Compressors

For medical applications special low noise and clean air units are needed. Specialised products such as Copeland compressors provide machines for this special need.


Running on either gas or electricity portable air compressors are typically light and compact enough to take with you to a job site. Some specialized units run on low voltage for your car or truck. These 12 volt air compressor systems can provide additional air while you are on the road or at a camping site. Other portable or often called pancake compressors (for its pancake shape of the compressor tank) are essential for wood workers who work off site, and may even be perfect for hobby woodworkers who do not require the kind of power provided by a large shop-style compressor.

Large Stationary Air Compressor Systems

Entire air compressor systems are built depending to specification when it comes to large industrial facilities. Depending on the manufacturer the system and its parts are especially designed, developed and manufactured to fit exactly the needed power and airflow volume.

The air compressor you choose will be based on your own wood working needs. However, power and affordability should be the determining factor for any wood worker – if you are going to use your compressor a lot, it is worth investing in a more advanced model. It is thus very important to examine your own needs when contemplating compressors.

Brand Names And Manufacturers Of Air Compressors

There are many different kinds of air compressors on the market. From major brands like Bauer, Bristol, Coleman, Campbell-Hausfeld, Curtis , Leroi, Ingersoll Rand to Dewalt and Porter Cable. Another respected name in the industry are black max air compressors and the husky air compressor. This is a lightweight machine, weighing only 24 pounds. You can easily carry it to every job site you are working in.

Safety And Who Should Use Them?

Compressors should never be used by children. The machine can seriously injure them if they get too close (Motor and pump can get really hot). Anyone operating an compressor should check out the instruments before starting the machine. Wear safety gear, especially hearing protection, according to the manufacturers instructions.

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