Makita Batteries For Cordless Power Tools

Finding The Right Type Of Makita Batteries Can Be Tricky

Out of the huge variety of Makita Batteries its not that easy to choose the right one. Basically there are two types of batteries currently on the market. Stick- type and Knob-type Batteries. As a rule of thumb the stick type Makita batteries where used for the older models, whilst the knob type battery is used for the later models with mid handle.

Makita batteries are available in different types of voltage from 7.2 Volts up to 24 Volts. Depending on the tool you use only certain battery packs can be attached to.

makita_batteries_144_26AH_NIMHMakita Battery 7.2 and 9.6 Volts - "Stick Type"

makita_batteries_96_stickThe old-basic Nickel Cadmium stick type batteries as they are on the market for approx. 15 years. Used on the "pistol-grip" Makita cordless drills.

Makita Batteries for Mid-Handle Cordless Drills and others

makita_batteries_12_20AH_NICDMakita batteries 9.6V, 12V and 14.4 Volts - "Knob-Type" - RED

Standard Nickel Cadmium Technology - cheaper than Ni-MH, but less lasting.

Makita batteries 9.6V, 12V , 14.4V and 18Volts - "Knob-Type" - BLACK

makita_batteries_144_26AH_NIMHNickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Technology - last longer than Ni-Cd batteries, more environmentally friendly and no "memory-effect" with repeatable charging.

Chargers for Makita batteries

Makita batteries can be charged with a variety of different chargers. The standard 60 minutes charger is usually supplied with the cordless tool. Some Makita cordless drill batteries sets are already equipped with a 15 minutes fast charger. I own a 15 minutes fast charger and 2 makita Ni-MH batteries. This allows continues work without any interruption for charging the batteries.

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