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Wide range of electric and gas driven chain saws

This month's article in our "beyond woodworking series" features McCulloch chain saws. McCulloch well known for a wide range of electric and gas driven chain saws, was founded in 1943 by Robert McCulloch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin under the original name of McCulloch Motors Corporation. Moving the company to California, Robert McCulloch moved the company to California, where the first McCulloch chain saws, the 5-49, was manufactured in 1948.

The 5-49 two-man mcculloch chain saws offered a winning combination of lighter weight and more horsepower than any competitive two-man chain saw on the market. Followed by the first one-man mcculloch chain saws, a truly remarkable product that revolutionized the entire industry. The introduction of a chain saws that could easily be handled by a single person opened the door to new markets for Mcculloch.

In 1958, the company name was changed to McCulloch Corporation. In 1968, McCulloch introduced the Power Mac 6; weighing only 8.5 pounds fully fueled; it was the world's lightest chain saw. The affordable Mini Mac 1, introducedin 1972 opened the chain saws market to the casual user. Electric McCulloch chain saws were introduced in 1972 while gas powered string trimmers, hedge trimmersand blowers were added to McCulloch's product line up in the 1980s. McCulloch moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1988 where it opened corporate headquarters and a distribution facility. In October 1999, McCulloch's North American operation was purchased by Jenn Feng Industrial Co., Ltd , a Taiwan based manufacturer. In 2008 the swedish Husqvarna company aquired the McCulloch outdoor brand.

McCulloch electric chain saws

The line of McCulloch electric chain saws offers economy and high quality in a lightweight, easy to handle design. Fully assembled and packedwith safety features, the range of McCulloch electric chain saws currently consists of the following models.

mcculloch-chain-saws-ms1415The electric MS 1415 chain saw (Input 8.0 Amp) with its 14" reduced kickback guide bar and a net weight of 594 lbs works at a no load cutting speed of 9m/sec. Equipped with a hand guard for added protection its the ideal kind of electric chain saws that will cut down small trees, buck and prune just like a regular chain saw.

mcculloch-chain-saws-ms1425With 2.5 Peak HP the MS 1425 McCulloch chain saw also equipped with a 14" guide bar gives additional power. The combined chain brake with hand guard stops the chain automatically. The chain saw comes with an oiler for automatic lubrication and a low kickback chain.

The McCulloch chain saws MS1630 and MS 1640 both equipped with a 16" reduced kickback guide bar are ideal for trimming small to large size branches and cutting small to medium size trees. While the MS1630 McCulloch chain saw is powered by a 3 Peak HP motor, the MS 1640 chain saw comes with a powerful 4 HP motor. Both chain saws are equipped with an oiler to lubricate chain and bar automatically.

McCulloch gas chain saws

mcculloch-chain-saws-ms1432McCulloch's line of powerful gas chain saws are packed with features to ensure long life, trouble free performance and safe and easy handling. From a hard chrome cylinder to an electronic ignition to a primer carburetor, McCulloch gas chain saws are designed to go the distance.
First in the range of McCulloch gas chain saws is the MS 1432 Ideal for trimming small to large size branches and cutting small to medium size trees. With a 32cc, 2ci Engine and a 14" long life sprocket tip bar the saw comes with a chain brakeĀ® thatstops the chain automatically. Also included an automatic oiler for hassle-free lubrication of bar and chain.

In addition McCulloch offers two 16" gas saws, the MS 1635 chain saw and the MS 1635AV. Both chainsaws come with a 2,1 ci engine and 35cc. Both model are similar with the MS 1635AV saw additionally equipped with a anti-vibration system for maximum comfort and smooth operation.

mcculloch-chain-saws-ms1838avTo round up the range of McCulloch chain saws the MS 1838AV saw comes with a 38cc, 2,3ci Engine and 18" long life sprocket tip bar. Its anti-vibration system allows maximum comfort and smooth operation. The saw is equipped with a chain brakeĀ® that stops the chain automatically. An ideal saw for durable jobs. For the woodworking specialist a chain saw is indispensable. McCulloch chain saws are ideal for wood preparation work at the yard.

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