Metabo Cordless Tools Outperform Its Corded Counterpart

Metabo has launched a new generation of powerful cordless tools which can even take on the corded range Incredible performance specifications, more torque, 'Impuls' technology and powerful, system-compatible battery packs. Those are the central arguments for the new cordless tools and battery packs from Metabo. The range of new high-performance tools includes the drill/screwdrivers BSP 12 Plus, BSP 15.6 Plus and BSP 18 Plus for drilling and screwing in wood and metal. There is also the SBP 18 Plus, whose extra function as an impact drill allows it to deliver excellent results in masonry and even concrete.

The high level of torque which is available in each voltage category allows large diameters both for drilling and screwing; the torque is provided by a new motor which delivers around 20% more power whilst generating far less heat than conventional DC motors. This range confirms Metabo's status as market leader. In tests comparing them with corded tools in the 500 - 600 watt category the new tools demonstrate quite incredible performance. When driving a 12 x 300 mm screw into wood the BSP 18 Plus left the majority of the corded drills way behind. When drilling a 20-mm-diameter hole in wood this drill was up to 20% faster than many of its corded counterparts.

metabo cordless toolsAnother highlight is the 'Impuls' technology which forms an integral part of the whole cordless range. This is a clever system which enables stubborn screws to be driven and undone effortlessly even when their heads are damaged. This special feature - which is, incidentally, unique to Metabo - also allows smooth surfaces (even tiles) to be drilled without any problem and without the need for preliminary centre-punching.

Metabo also has a clear lead over its competitors in respect of charging technology. In the new C45, which can be charged in 45 minutes, this is based on an intelligent charge management system which allows the battery packs to be charged up to 2,000 times. Another strength of this range is that it is based throughout on compatible system components. The new chargers C 45 and C 45 Car (for connecting to the cigarette lighter or standard socket in a car) can charge up any of the Metabo battery packs on the market, from 4.8 V right through to 18 V and both NiCd and NiMH. The C 45 and C 45 Car are the smallest chargers on the market with a 48-watt output and full casing. The charging compartment is fitted with a seal which ensures additional protection from dirt and moisture. One further plus point: in comparison with the previous generation, charging times have been reduced by around 25%. The chargers also have a switched-mode power supply, which means that they remain cool, resulting in increased service life. The chargers are also provided with twin-coloured LEDs so that you can see at a glance whether the battery pack needs to be charged, whether its temperature is within the permissible range, or whether a problem has occurred.

All the drill/screwdrivers have the following features: a die-cast aluminum gear housing with excellent heat removal properties and a build quality which ensures a long service life, the Metabo Quick metal keyless chuck with a capacity from 1.5 mm to 13 mm, the Variospeed (V) electronic system for progressive variation of speed, a new type of robust 2-speed gearbox with metal transmission components, a support handle for operating the tools safely, a spindle lock button and a depot for bits. The drills also have an ergonomic, user-friendly design and battery voltage of between 12 and 18 volts depending on the model.

These tools with reversing feature have 20 torque settings. They can also be switched to a drill setting which will then guarantee the maximum torque. The tools achieve a maximum torque of 30 Nm (soft) or 65 Nm (hard) and an impulse torque of 32 Nm. Their no-load speed in the first speed setting is between 0 and 400 rpm, and in the second speed setting between 0 and 1,400 rpm. These excellent values enable the tools to reach drilling diameters of 16 mm in aluminium, 13 mm in steel and 40 to 50 mm in wood. What's more, the SBP 18 Plus is capable of 16 mm in concrete.

Cordless tools are therefore ideally suited for interior and exterior finishing work, for joiners and electricians, plumbers, heating engineers, kitchen fitters and mechanics in the automotive trades. These drill/screwdrivers come in a new, professional craftsman's case made from ABS. They are supplied with two battery packs and either the C 45 charger or the superfast ICS 10 (which guarantees up to 3,000 charges) according to preference. The robust case enables the tool to be transported safely and kept in optimum condition. Since it provides ample space for accessories it is ideal for use in installation work and on building sites. The wide, rugged closing caps on the case which - like the handle - can be replaced, make the case easier to use as well as prolonging its useful life. All the suitable screwdriver/drill accessories from Metabo can be used with these metabo cordless tools.

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