Chain Saws Ratings and Reviews

Chain saws are handy tools for the homeowner and professional. They are a great way to prune large limbs, cut down dead or unwanted trees, and cut firewood. Many home owners find electric chain saws to be just the ticket for what they need. These saws are generally less powerful with shorter cutting bars than their gasoline powered counterparts. However, these handy little saws are lightweight and certainly powerful enough to prune limbs, cut up fallen limbs and even cut down smaller trees in the back yard. The limitation of an electric saws is its power cord resulting in limited mobility.

Tree Trimming Is Much Easier With A Chain Saw

Tree trimming with a chainsaw is a quick and efficient way to clean up dead or dying limbs, prune trees or top trees that are growing near utility lines. These saws are also useful in cutting the upper limbs out of ornamental trees, causing them to sprout may smaller limbs that provide more shade or help the tree take on a more desirable shape.

If you use a little common sense and are conscious of safety, you will find either electric or gasoline powered saws to be extremely useful tools. Here are a few basic tips.

  • Read the instruction manual and follow its recommendations for maintenance and operation.
  • Study chainsaw reviews and ratings which will allow you to compare chain saws from different power tool companies.
  • Wear safety goggles to keep wood chips and sawdust out of your eyes.
  • Always make sure the saw is cutting away from you.
  • Do not cut with the very tip of the bar as this may result in the saw kicking back toward you.
  • Keep the chain sharp to make cutting easier. This results in less wear and tear on the saw, less effort on your part and a straighter cut.

In the following section we cover many aspects of chain saws including ratings and comparisions of individual units. Additionally covering specific aspects like chainsaw sharpening which hopefully will help you when you get to work with your saw in the woods or yard.

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