Electric Circular Saw Power and Ergonomic

alt text What makes a circular saw powerful and durable for daily woodworking activities? How much power does a circular saw need to have? All those are frequently asked questions about handheld circular saws.

Circular Saw Guide

alt text If you're looking for the best circular saw for your workshop, you should closely examine guide rail systems, rip fence, available tables or laser guide systems. Knowing which type of guides are available for a certain circular saw ...

Best Circular Saw

alt text This is the final part of our best circular saw review series where it all adds up. Throughout recent pages we had a close look at what the best circular saw must look like for any professional woodworker.

How Do I Choose The Right Mini Cordless Circular Saw ?

How can I find a good cordless mini saw that will meet my needs for a burst of power from time to time?

Plunge Cut or Pendulum Circular Saw – Which Is Safer ?

I have been using a plunge cut saw for quite a while now. Thinking about pendulum guard circular saws, I wonder which one is the safer type of circular saw?

How to Best Compare Circular Saws on the Market ?

What are some of the features that I can look for in a good saw? Perhaps you can help when assessing the circular saw.

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