Cordless Drill Battery Charger

alt text The cordless drill battery charger is one of the most overlooked parts when you review a any new drill. Unfortunately since the charger is the actual power source behind every cordless power tool, and yet only seen as an accessory, it is good to examine what makes up a good battery charger before you buy your next cordless drill.

Best Cordless Drill

alt text What is the best cordless drill for your needs? This has been the starting point for this extensive cordless drill review series. In this section we will all put it together and compare the best cordless drills in an detailed comparison table.

Cordless Circular Saw

alt text In our circular saw review series let's have a look at the cordless circular saw with a view to deciding on a personal viable alternative to the corded saw.The cordless circular saw market is sub divided into three major types as well as depth of cut categories.

Cordless Drills

alt text An Overview on Powerful Cordless Drills for the Woodworker. Here our quick guide on cordless drills and tools. As there is a wide range of different drills available on the market, I would like to give you an overview on my favorite cordless drills and what you should look for when you compare them. Particularly if you compare cheap low price drills with professional units

Metabo Cordless Tools Outperform Its Corded Counterpart

alt text

Metabo has launched a new generation of powerful cordless tools which can even take on the corded range Incredible performance specifications, more torque, 'Impuls' technology and powerful, system-compatible battery packs. Those are the central arguments for the new cordless tools …

Bosch 24-Volt Cordless Hammer Drills

New Bosch In-Line Hammer Drills Perform Just As Well In Light Concrete As In Masonry Or Wood

The Bosch cordless hammer drill line continues its expansion with the addition of the new Bosch 12524-03 24-volt Cordless In-line Hammer Drill. Engineered …

Cordless Drill Batteries Provide Flexible Power

alt text Cordless drill batteries have developed rapidly over the past 20 years. While early cordless drills were sometimes lacking in power and had relatively short lifespans, today's batteries utilize the latest in charging materials and technology to provide short charging times, long battery life, and maximum power output. When cordless drills were first introduced, cordless drill batteries typically used Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) batteries. These batteries were based

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