Finding And Using A Woodworking Router Properly

This section covers what a woodworking router needs to be for a professional craftsman. It is an essential tool for any woodworker who wants to create custom cabinets, bookshelves, and many other types of furniture. Woodworking routers can also be used to finish off projects like laminate countertops or deck railings. Because a woodworking router is such an important tool in the woodworking shop, it is important to consider your needs before you buy your first router.

Using Woodworking Router Reviews To Buy The Best Router

Once you have settled on a type of woodworking router, it is best to consult several router reviews before making a purchase. Below you will find some router reviews and articles to give you a good idea on what to look for when you go out and buy your first router.

By reading a few router reviews you will be able to see whether each router lives up to the promises made by its manufacturer. When you are reading reviews you should be looking for several different factors, including:

  • Price: does the woodworking router give the most “bang for the buck” with flexible features?
  • Durability: how do the woodworking routers stand up to heavy use?
  • Versatility: can the woodworking router be used in a number of different projects, or be combined with accessories to make a table woodworking router?

Rating Woodworking Routers

Free Router Guide ebookOnce you have read a few woodworking router reviews, you should be able to rank each woodworking router based on which will offer the most features and best power for your projects. Then it is a simple matter of heading to the store to pick up your new woodworking router.

Our free router buyers guide will certain help you as well in identifying all key areas of a good woodworking router.

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