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Basic Radial Arm Saw Guide

Having worked with a radial arm saw over the past years, I would like to give you a quick overview on what to look for when purchasing a saw for your workshop. This is by no means a complete radial arm saw guide, nor will it cover every radial arm saw on the market. I would simply give you my experience on some of the saws I came across over the past times. Following some key points will help you find your favorite radial arm saw:

  • cutting capacity of the radial arm saw
  • motor power
  • mobility of the radial arm saw
  • and accessories available.

Portable And Light Stationary Radial Arm Saw

delta-radial-arm-saw-33-830Delta's Radial Saw RS830
Amongst the light stationary radial arm saw category - the Delta Shopmaster RS830 is my first choice. It's 1.5 HP Motor for the 10" saw blade give enough power for heavy woodworking applications. With a cutting depth of 2 3/4" at 90° it comes close to the cutting depth of a similar table saw. This Delta radial arm saw is equipped with a automatic blade brake which stops the blade very fast.
The crosscut capacity of 16" make the Delta radial arm saw very handy including for panel cross cutting. With a table size of 44" by 27" it still fits in every workshop with ease.
Radial Arm Saw Tip: Make sure you attach a vacuum cleaner or dust extraction to your radial arm saw. Dust extraction is important for your health and gives you an additional advantage: a clear view to the actual cut of the radial arm saw.

Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw

radial-arm-saw-delta33890Looking into the right radial arm saw for heavy us, it all comes down to horse power and cross cutting capabilities. The new Delta 33-890 radial arm saw combines both. It allows a depth of cut at 90° of 3 3/4".
At a 45° cut this radial arm saw still cuts 2 1/1". Its heavy arm allows rip cuts with up to 14 3/8" widths. This delta radial arm saw comes with a automatic electro magnetic blade brake as additional safety feature.
For miter cuts at 45° and for 90° cuts the Delta radial arm saw got indexing position giving you an extra precision when changing angles.

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