Rockwell® Power Tools

Rockwell® power tools are high quality tools that will be a great addition to your workshop. They are available from Rockwell® Manufacturing Company. Rockwell® tools are durable, reliable, and affordable for any handyman’s price range. There are so many power tools to choose from that you might want to replace some of your old tools in your workshop. Look for Rockwell® at your local hardware store and online where you can order by a secure network or by phone for quick delivery of your Rockwell®power tools right to your door.

Rockwell® Table Saw
The Rockwell® table saw is a standard saw that everyone needs to cut their wood and lumber. Rockwell® saws come in sizes from 9 inch to over 12 inches. Rockwell® table saws are made of cast iron and some models come with a sliding table with rails at least 20 feet long. The size of Rockwell® table saw that you will want to purchase will depend on how big your workshop is and what you want to use the table saw for. For your small around-the-house jobs you may want to stick to a smaller Rockwell®table saw. If you are building your own home a larger model table saw may be more to your advantage.

Rockwell® Delta® Power Tools
Rockwell® Delta® power tools was a division of Rockwell®power tools until 1981 when Pentair aquired Delta , which is know part of the Delta® Porter Cable® family. When you bought Rockwell® Delta® power tools you had two well-known names Delta and Rockwell backing up your product.

Rockwell® power tools are reliable and durable and come with limited warranty of two years. Always keep your power tools in mint condition by carefully cleaning them before you put them away. The more care you take in maintaining your tools the more years of life you will get out of the product. Rockwell®will provide you with anything that you need to get your projects off the ground and completed with top quality tools and equipment. When you are looking for you next power tool consider buying a Rockwell.

Rockwell® Power Tools is part of the Positec Group

Consumer Hotline: 866 514 7625
Techncal Service Hotline: 866 788 7395

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