The Rotary Self Leveling Laser Level

The rotary self leveling laser level is one of many levels used by woodworkers to ensure that work is consistent and accurate. Some prefer to use the more traditional levels, which include the kind with the bubbles. While okay for occasional use, many professionals who use levelers on a regular basis find laser levels to be helpful. There are many types of laser level, of which the rotary self leveling laser level is one. Additionally, another type of level is the optical level. This level, while it does not use lasers, is easy to use and quite accurate.

The Rotary Laser Level

By definition, rotary laser levels offer a circular level. This means that the level can perform its function anywhere around it, covering 360 degrees. A laser beam is used to indicate where various objects and cuts should be placed or made.rotary-laser-level-a Most self leveling laser levels actually use electronic sensors to communicate with motors. This keeps the level constant, without the need for continuous adjustment by the worker. Additionally, there are many of these self levelers that are equipped with a device that alerts the user if the height of the instrument (the level) has been altered (by a bump or accident). Because a laser level uses a concentrated beam, it can extend further than conventional levels, allowing for ease of work on big projects.

The Optical Level

An optical level uses slightly different technology to help adjust the optical line of sight. This is done by using a system of mirrors and pendulum, in order to align with the earth’s gravitational pull and help the user determine whether a surface is completely level. The reading is determined from an autocollimator, and is accurate within one arc second. This can be very helpful when doing work in the shop. As with laser levels, an optical level can be self checking and adjusting. This makes the need for readjustment rather minimal.

An optical level can be useful, but a laser level is one’s best bet when working on very large projects. Its ability to reach sometimes up to 300 feet away make it ideal. To use a level that can be placed anywhere in the workshop and still be used as a level, try a rotary self leveling laser level.

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