The Ryobi Bt3000 – A Precise Table Saw

A Ryobi BT3000 or a Ryobi BTS20 can be affordable and effective additions to your shop. The Ryobi BT3000, which was Ryobi's first entry into the competitive table saw market, was introduced in the early 1990s. The BT3000 quickly set the standard as an affordable table saw, and many manufacturers have since followed Ryobi's example in introducing their own moderately priced table saws. The BT3000 has been improved and reintroduced as a new model the BT3100 table saw, but there are still many used Ryobi BT3000s available.

Innovations of the Ryobi BT 3000

ryobi-bt3100-aThe Ryobi BT 3000 introduced a number of cost saving innovations. By using a universal motor, the BT3000 was easy to maintain, and there are still many BT3000 repair parts available.

Another great feature of the Ryobi BT 3000 is its dust collection system. While big wood shops use extensive dust collection systems, home woodworkers are often forced to rely on their shop vacuums to manage dust.

The Ryobi BT 3000 has an extra plastic shroud to funnel dust to the vacuum, making dust collection a snap. There are many Ryobi BT3000 repair parts in case this dust collection system fails.

The Ryobi BTS20

If you need a table saw that you can take to job sites, the Ryobi BTS 20 will be just right for you. The Ryobi BTS20 has an extending table that allows you to rip up to 27 inches, and also has onboard storage for the rip fence and miter gauge.

The Ryobi BTS20 also comes with a unique folding leg system, which makes it easy for you to take your Ryobi BTS20 with you. Once collapsed, the Ryobi BTS20 has wheels to make it easy to move without lifting.

Ryobi BT3000 repair parts

The BT3000 is simple to maintain, and there are many Ryobi repair parts available. If you need a new part for your BT3000, look for a Ryobi repair center near you, or contact Ryobi directly.

Is a Ryobi BT 3000 right for your shop?
You should buy a Ryobi BTS20 if you have a small work space or if you frequently work at job sites away from your shop. But if you are looking for an affordable, efficient, and precise saw for your wood shop, check out the Ryobi BT3000.

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