The New Ryobi Bt3100 Table Saw

The Ryobi bt3100 is a small compact table saw that is very lightweight. Weighing only about 100 pounds, the bt3100 is made of aluminum and sheet metal castings. The bt3100 is the successor of the legendary Ryobi BT3000 table saw and has many features not usually found on similar Ryobi saws.

Features of the Ryobi BT3100 table saw

The BT 3100 has redesigned shins that are part of the blade raise mechanics. It is also small, so it takes up less space in a workshop. The total surface area of the Ryobi BT 3100 is about 4 feet and it is taller than most Ryobi table saws at 38 inches.

ryobi-bt3100-aThe Ryobi bt3100 table saw has a single crank to control both the raise and the tile. A lever behind the crank controls the mode. There are internal adjustable stops for the blade angle. The Ryobi bt 3100 table saw is east to operate and both the raise and tilt functions are accurate.

With the SMT feature, stock can be cut more easily and safely. The crosscut fence can be removed when rip cuts are needed. It also has a lock to keep it from moving.

It is harder to cut large sheets of wood, such as plywood with the Ryobi bt 3100 table saw. This is because this saw is lighter and shorter than other Ryobi table saws It also takes more time for alignment , but in spite of this, the Ryobi bt 3100 is a good buy because of the reasonable price.

The Ryobi bt 3100 comes packaged in a box and has to be assembled. The instructions for the assembly are very clear, so it is not hard to put the saw together.

If you have a Ryobi bt3100, you will notice the lack of a miter gauge. You may need to invest in a Ryobi mitre saw if you do a lot of mitering on your woodworking projects. A Ryobi mitre saw is also great for cutting molding and small corners. A great Ryobi mitre saw is the Laser Compound Mitre saw. This has a laser device that generates a laser line along the cutting path you need to follow for each angle you select on the saw, making all your cutting much easier and more accurate. If you need a powerful saw that won’t take up much space in your workshop, the answer is the Ryobi bt3100.

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