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New reciprocating saws

Hilti offers the new WSR 650-A and WSR 900-PE


hilti-reciprocating-saw-wsr900peThe power to cut through all kinds of materials at high speed and a compact, robust design are by no means all that these two new Hilti reciprocating saws have to offer. Both the 24-volt cordless reciprocating saw WSR 650-A and the mains-powered reciprocating saw WSR 900-PE are extremely handy tools that cut with a minimum of vibration.

All kinds of rough sawing work is tackled every day in many of the wood and metalworking trades - not only in construction or renovation, but also in demolition. This may include cutting through pipes or profiles in a wide variety of materials or cutting pipes to length, for example, as well as cutting plastics, composites, timber and other materials to size.

In designing the new Hilti reciprocating saws WSR 900-PE and the 24-volt cordless WSR 650-A , Hilti has paid particular attention to ergonomics, thus ensuring that sawing, particularly through wood and metal, can be completed not only in a minimum of time but also with maximum comfort.

hilti reciprocating saws wsr 650 a reciprocating saws from hilti
Hilti WSR 650-A reciprocating saws WSR 650-A
Hilti reciprocating saws WSR 900-PE

The "D" form of the new grip developed by Hilti has an ideal shape that lies well in the hand in every working direction.

A combination of rubber-padded grip surfaces and anti-vibration system reduces vibration drastically, ensuring smooth cutting with a minimum of effort at all angles. Featuring an extremely short, compact design and comparatively low weight, both Hilti reciprocating saws are exceptionally handy. With the added plus of the D-type grip, this is of great advantage when working in tight corners.


Reciprocating saws with controlled power

With 6 stroke rate settings, the cutting speed of the 900-watt corded tool can be adjusted optimally to suit the material being cut. Power regulation and orbital action to increase cutting performance in wood are also features of the Hilti reciprocating saw WSR 650-A - never before has a cordless saw offered such control. This Hilti reciprocating saw's built-in battery deep discharge prevention system also ensures that the three battery types available achieve

High-grade saw reciprocating blades

High-grade Hilti blades for the Hilti reciprocating saws WSR 900-PE and WSR 650-A are available in various types for specific applications and materials. These extra long-lasting blades guarantee superior cutting performance in materials up to 320 mm thick on the Hilti reciprocating saws.




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