Stanley Tool Boxes Built By Z.A.G. Industries

Stanley Tool Boxes Expand Tool Lines

The Stanley tool boxes line is another product group from the Stanley Works. The company has been known for high quality products for decades. The Stanley name is common in most hardware stores, home supply stores and the hardware departments of major department stores. It is a recognized name just about anywhere tools are sold throughout the world. Stanley tool boxes joined the company’s family of products in 1998.

Stanley Works was founded in 1843, in New Britian, Connecticut. It was originally established to make iron door lock bolts. Frederick Trent Stanley established a company philosophy of striving for excellence that continues to this day.


This philosophy carried the company through times of financial hardship when many competing foundries failed. The company expanded into other hardware items and tools. The company has been so tremendously successful that these days Stanley tools and woodworking tools are found in almost every home or commercial workshop.

Stanley Woodworking Tools Have Long History

Z.A.G. Industries was established in 1987 to manufacture high quality consumer and professional plastic products. These included tool boxes and storage units for home, garden, workshop, office and industrial application. The Stanley company purchased Z.A.G. Industries in 1998 and these same high quality products are now sold under the Stanley name.

Stanley also distributes and sells high quality metal tool boxes, storage cabinets, tool trays and work stations under the Stanley Vidmar name. The Vidmar company, which produces these cabinets and storage units for medical, industrial, racing and other uses, was acquired by Stanley in 1966. If tools are important to you, then keeping them organized and protected is also important. One of the best ways to provide this protection is with one of the several designs of Stanley tool boxes.

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