Stihl Chain Saw Products Are Tough

Stihl chain saw makes some of the most rugged and powerful chain saws in the world. Stihl products have always been popular with professionals, including lumberjacks and the timber cruisers who survey forests for logging and prepare roads for logging trucks and equipment. Stihl also makes a wide variety of chain saw products for home users who want to keep their heavily wooded properties looking good.

Many homeowners also use their Stihl chain saws to reduce the risk of forest fires by removing dead trees and branches that are excellent fuel. Some homeowners who purchase chain saws, however, soon find that once they have cleared a few trees they no longer need their chain saw. This means that there are many used Stihl saws on the market with very low hours, including three very good models that Stihl no longer offers new.

The Stihl 025 model

stihl-chain-saw-aA Stihl chain saw 025 is a great choice if you are looking for a compact gas saw that packs a good punch. The 025 features a 14 inch bar suitable for cutting small to mid sized trees, but its 2.5 horsepower engine can power a 16 or 18 inch bar as well. The 025 stands up well to heavy use, and has a reputation for starting well every time. If you need to cut a large number of trees, however, you may wish to move to one of the more powerful models.

Stihl chain saws Pro 036

The Stihl chain saw Pro 036 is a step up from the 025, offering more power and a fully adjustable Zama carburetor and oil pump so you can keep it in top working condition even as it ages. The Pro 036 is a great choice if you will be working for hours at a time with your saw because it has a comfortable handle wrapped in foam tape. With a 24 inch bar, the Pro 036 can handle almost any tree.

The Stihl chain saw Pro 039

The Stihl chain saw Pro 039 is another great choice if you are looking for a powerful and affordable used chain saw. With a 4 horsepower engine and the capacity to hold guide bars ranging from 16 to 28 inches, the Pro 039 is one of the most versatile models of Stihl chain saw.

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