Review Bosch 1590 EVSK Top Handle Jigsaw

The Bosch 1590 EVSK jigsaw review has certainly been one of the more extensive tests we ran, especially during our large jigsaw review series. Bosch has... more about Review Bosch 1590 EVSK Top Handle Jigsaw

Dewalt Jigsaw Review DW331K

The Dewalt jigsaw DW331K is definitely a very unusual looking jigsaw. Normally, when we're doing any power tool review, we're not much into the looks of... more about Dewalt Jigsaw Review DW331K

Circular Saw Review

In our ongoing power tool review series, we present the circular saw review. As with most of our reviews you'll discover a detailed presentation about... more about Circular Saw Review

Jigsaw Review

A detailed jigsaw review and comparison guide to have better understanding of one of the most versatile used power tools in any workshop. Whenever you... more about Jigsaw Review

Jigsaw Blades Review

The jigsaw blade market is overwhelming. This jigsaw blade review will show you how to find the right jigsaw blade for your application. Similar to our... more about Jigsaw Blades Review

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Best Circular Saw

This is the final part of our best circular saw review series where it all adds up. Throughout recent pages we had a close look at what the best circular... more about Best Circular Saw

Kitchen Counter Top out of Left-over Flooring Strips

A little project of reusing old hardwood flooring pieces for a new kitchen top or butcher cutting board. If you as a craftsman are interested in making... more about Kitchen Counter Top out of Left-over Flooring Strips

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