Wooden Tool Chest Can Become Beautiful Furniture

The tool chest is going, going, gone! The auctioneer’s gavel slammed home the sale. The oak tool chest was one of the treasures of the auction and while its life as a chest was over, it was soon going to take on a new life as a beautiful piece of furniture. It was soon to be on its way to being sanded and refinished as a wooden coffee table. It would be quite a change for the old tool chest. Wood is an excellent choice of material for a chest. Wooden chests are nearly as strong and often weigh less than comparable steel once. A wood tool box is easy for a good craftsman to build. It is also economical, often being constructed from scrap materials. It can be a work of art, often reflecting the tastes and specific requirements of the person building it.

tool-chest-aAnother reason wood is an excellent choice for a chest is because it is durable. Wood does an excellent job of protecting most tools from dust and moisture. Wooden trays and drawers make strong and quiet storage compartments for delicate tools and sensitive instruments. Strong woods such as oak can be nearly as strong as steel. Wood will, of course, not rust like steel.

Tool Chest Becoming Furniture

Collectibles and antiques often follow fashion trends, but tool chests made from wood have been highly sought collectibles for years. The wood can be sanded and refinished, showing all of its imperfections, chips, scratches and cracks. Scratches, dings and cracks often serve to give the wood more character, reflecting a lifetime of service. Wooden carpenter boxes and tool chests life second lives as beautiful pieces of furniture in family rooms and sitting rooms filled with other antiques and collectibles.

When shopping for a good chest, consider wood. They are functional and, with care, will give many years of good service storing and protecting tools, wrenches and instruments. And, who knows? Your used tool chest may one day become a valuable collector’s piece.

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