Getting A Used Cnc Router

A used CNC router is a great way to get started with computer-numerically-controlled routing. A used router will help you create many different patterns and shapes in your wood working projects without having to pay top dollar for a new CNC. With a used CNC, you can transform your hobby wood shop into a high tech production and assembly shop.

cnc-routing2Second hand CNC routers are available from many different sources, and offer a great savings over new machines: you can save tens of thousands of dollars. While this kind of high technology was once limited to larger woodworking shops (mostly due to high costs) the market for used machinery has made it possible for people to start a little CNC hobby. Another option for great savings is building your own CNC router.

Second Hand Machines

Used CNC machinery can be found at many equipment clearing houses or discount tool warehouses. These machines may have been repossessed from shops or dealerships, and generally have very little hours of use. If you are looking for a used machines, be sure to ask the seller what support, if any, they will offer post-purchase. A router will have many complexities, and unless you have a great deal of previous experience with CNC you will definitely want help to be just a phone call or email away.

The Hobby Of Building Your Own Cnc Router

Many hobbyist woodworkers are getting into little CNC projects. A CNC router hobby can help you produce some gorgeous pieces that will make people think you have spent hours carving and routing. In fact, all you will have done is press the <Enter> key. You might think that building your own CNC router is too complicated; in fact, while the process does require some electrical and computer skill, it is accessible to many woodworkers. Many CNC companies and independent software providers have made plans for machines available so that you can build your own CNC router.

CNC has revolutionized woodworking by allowing almost any design to be carved into wood with the use of computers. Routers allow you to produce large amounts of finished material without painstaking labor, and allow you to maximize your shop time and minimize your frustration.

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