Used Woodworking Machinery Can Save You Money

Finding used woodworking machinery is a great way to save money when you are setting up your woodworking shop. There are many ways to find the machines you need to make a full service shop – without having to pay high prices for brand new tools. These used machines are usually in good condition, depending on how much they have been used. Once you have the machines you need you will be able to start shopping for the tooling you need to complete all of your projects.

Finding good quality second hand woodworking machinery

It is easy to decide you want to buy second hand woodworking machinery is easy, but finding that machinery can be quite a different matter. Knowing where to look, however, can make finding good quality second hand woodworking machinery much easier.

There are a few different reliable sources of used machinery. One of the best places to "shop" for equipment is at estate sales. Though it may seem morbid to watch the papers for estate sales that include tools, these auction type sales can often result in some terrific values on used machinery.

Other ways to get used woodworking machines

Estate sales are not the only auctions which may feature used woodworking machines. You can also look for bankruptcy sales, especially those involving woodworking shops or any other trade shops. While there may be professionals there bidding on these items, you may be able to get a terrific deal on industry grade machinery for your own shop.

Tooling for woodworking machines

If you are planning to buy used woodworking machines it is a good idea to make sure beforehand that you will be able to get the necessary tooling. While most tooling for woodworking machines is generally universal, some older machines may require very specific (and hard to find) attachments, bits, and / or blades. If the machine your are interested in dates from the 1960s or before, you may want to reconsider your decision – your potential savings may be quickly eaten up by having to sharpen or refurbish older tooling to keep your machinery operating. Aside from this concern, most woodworkers find that they can build a very good shop around used woodworking machinery.

Tips For Buying Second Hand Woodworking Machinery

Smart shoppers can find second hand woodworking machinery in some pretty unusual places. Woodworking machines and tools often turn up at estate sales and auctions. They are sold online and listed in local and regional classifieds. They are sold through industrial supply houses and tool dealers who also sell new equipment. Companies that are liquidating will often make private sales of this equipment. Internet auction sites have become a popular for buying and selling this type of equipment.

When buying second hand machinery check the following:

  • Inspect the machine carefully for excessive wear or abuse. When buying online, look at all available photos. Ask for additional photos if you cannot really determine the condition of the machine.
  • Look for recognized brand names. Just when buying new machinery, you will want to buy machines that can be serviced or repaired as necessary. Little known or out of business manufacturers will not be able to provide those services.
  • Do not be afraid to negotiate the price. Sellers often list merchandise at prices higher than the price they expect to receive, allowing room for such negotiation.
  • Protect yourself against scam buyers. One of the popular scams is for a buyer to offer full price for the machine. The buyer is going to send a cashier’s check to cover the cost of the machine and shipping. Excess funds in the check are to be returned to the buyer. This is most often a scam. When you get the cashier’s check with will be a forgery.
  • The work that can be produced by a do-it-yourselfer or a small shop can be greatly increased by shopping for used machinery.

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