What Blade Do I Need For My Circular Saw ?

Among the many accessories for your circular saw is the variety of saw blades on the market. Circular saw blades, generic or proprietary are available in a wide array of types and sizes to the woodworking enthusiast.

Hobbyists or professionals will discover quality blades are a key criteria for using a circular saw the right way. Here a query we recently received from one of our readers:

“I am looking for replacement saw blades? What would be the ideal type of circular saw blade that I as a hobbyist would need most? I usually cut wood with a seven inch standard circular saw blade.
Achim Zimmermann of Schlien-Kamp Germany.

Unless you are using a strict proprietary saw design, you'll be able to purchase circular saw blades from any number of manufacturers.

On our overview table on circular saw blades here , you will get a good idea on what to look for as far as blade tips are concerned. Since the shape of the teeth and the number or teeth (mostly made of tungsten carbide TCT) determines for which material the blade is used for, you will get a better understanding on what to look for when you purchase your next circular saw blade to cut solid wood.

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