Wood Splitters

Wood splitters are essential if you’re going to be working in the forestry industry. The better quality your splitter is the faster you’ll get the job done with less mistakes and down time. There are many different types of log splitters that you can choose from, from several reputable dealers and manufacturers. The forestry and logging equipment industry dictates that you have up to date and safe equipment to ensure your safety on the job. This requires having sharp blades for your splitter so that the timber is cut effectively and reliably. You’ll also need to have the required safety equipment, such as safety goggles, gloves, a safety helmet, and steel toed boots.

Since there are so many different types of woodsplitters for you to choose from you may have to do some comparison shopping. Buying a splitter means that you’re laying out a large amount of money for a tool that you’re planning to have around for some time. This means taking your time making the right decision. You may need to have a firewood processor for small jobs or, if you’re working in the forestry industry, you’ll want to have a larger splitter. And if money is no expense you may even want to purchase an electric log splitter or electric hydraulic log splitter.

There are several reliable manufacturers of wood splitting tools and equipment that you can choose from, including Splitez and Maseey Ferguson. You want to buy a splitter that you can rely on even in damp weather to ensure that you don’t get a kick back from the machine. Another thing that you’ll have to consider is if you want to have a vertical or a horizontal splitter. Keep in mind that both are efficient and only your personal preference will be the deciding factor.

No matter what equipment you end up buying you’ll want to make sure that you know that you’re purchasing and why you need it. Talk to a consultant about forestry equipment so that you understand what you need to get the job done safely. Buying tools for the forestry can be a lifetime purchase so you’ll want to make sure that you make the right decision the first time when you buy wood splitters.

log-splitter-horizontal-aUpdate : Get through all components of a log splitter in our detailed step-by-step logging guide on  how to get the best log splitter.

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