Wood Planers Finish The Job Jointers Began

A wood planer will make the woodworking project easier to built and produce a finished piece. Every woodworker knows that the finished project is only as good as the material that goes into it. If the board stock is cupped, bowed, twisted or of uneven thicknesses, it is harder to make the finished project look its best. The wood planer will make board stock thinner and will smooth the board faces while it shaves them until they are parallel to one another.

The wood jointer is different from a thickness planer in that it will make one edge or one face true, but will not make the two faces parallel. Often, the wood jointer is used first to create a perfectly straight finished edge and face. The board is then run through the wood planer to finish the other side an make both faces parallel. By having uniformly straight and true stock, it is much easier to make panels, doors and other cabinet quality pieces.

Wood Jointer Reviews Provide Reliable Information

You can find jointer review information online at a number of woodworking websites. The best reviews are those published on the woodworking magazine and woodworking magazine websites. These reviews are prepared by impartial professional writers who conduct the review according to a pre-established set of criteria. These reviews may be more reliable than consumer reviews posted on message boards. The consumer reviews are likely to be subjective and based upon the experience of one person and only one jointer.

For the do-it-yourselfer with limited workshop space, installing a jointer can pose problem due the lack of available space. The solution is one of the rugged and reliable bench top jointer models. These machines may handle stock of smaller dimensions than the larger, stationary machine. If necessary, the do-it-yourselfer can rip wider boards into narrower strips, put a straight edge on them and then glue them back together to return the piece to nearly original dimensions.

It takes true and consistently even wood stock in order to make the beautiful work produced by many home and do-it-yourselfers. Since getting straight boards from a lumber yard is rarely possible, the DIY can make them straight with wood planers.

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