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Within this power tools section we basically try to cover all about small hand-size machinery. With some exceptions in case tools are very large or can be used even stationary, we will put articles in the woodworking machinery section. Other than that all about power tools as we know them is listed in this category.

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Review Bosch 1590 EVSK Top Handle Jigsaw

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The Bosch 1590 EVSK jigsaw review has certainly been one of the more extensive tests we ran, especially during our large jigsaw review series. Bosch has long been the leader in new features for the jigsaw. The top handle 1590 …

Jigsaw Review Festool PS 300 EQ Trion

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The Festool  PS 300 EQ is one of the most professional advanced jigsaws available today. Festool, a German power tool manufacturer, is widely known for high-end power tools. Festool tools are used mainly by professional woodworkers. The PS 300 EQ …

Dewalt Jigsaw Review DW331K

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The Dewalt jigsaw DW331K is definitely a very unusual looking jigsaw. Normally, when we're doing any power tool review, we're not much into the looks of a tool but focus only on its performance. The Dewalt jigsaw, with its …

Cordless Drill Review

alt text A detailed review on cordless drills and what to look for before you buy your next drill. Rating and comparing all key components and brands even for the most powerful cordless drills on the market. With a special angle on what to look for in a cordless drill from a woodworkers point of view.

Cordless Drill Reviews

alt text An in-depths analysis and reviews of the different cordless drill market segments. Covering low-voltage cordless screwdrivers, mid-size 12 Volt battery drills to heavy duty 18 Volt and above power drills.

Cordless Drill Ratings

alt text Lets examine an often overlooked part of a cordless power tool. Analyzing and rating the chuck of a professional drill as well as special accessories for complicated screwdriving applications, like removable chucks or right angle drill bit holders...

Cordless Drill Parts

alt text Looking into critical cordless drill parts when analyzing battery drills of various brands such as Makita, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Ridgid or Bosch is vital. Especially parts such as clutch or torque adjustment and electric brake in switches is important.

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